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We don't just build websites. We build businesses.

Our solutions help companies make the most of the content they have, whether that means monetizing it for subscribers, or organizing it for internal use. While we customize every web product to the unique needs of each client, there are some elements that transcend industry, user group, or even the type of content.

Our clients all want profitability and efficiency. They are looking to leverage their content, monetize it in new ways, or improve advertising opportunities. Plus, they want to save money by increasing productivity and by reducing the overhead associated with their websites.

Most important, our clients want to make it fast, easy and intuitive for their users to find the information they are looking for and to discover new and relevant information. That's what makes users keep coming back and that makes for good, profitable business.

We design every web product to be a comprehensive source of in-depth, up-to-date information with an easy-to-access format. The goal sounds simple, but our clients often face a variety of issues that first need to be resolved.

Here's what we frequently hear:
  • Our current interface is confusing.
  • Our search doesn't work.
  • We need to cross-sell related content.
  • It's difficult to make enhancements to our site.
  • We can't update our site fast enough.
  • We have limited internal IT resources available.
  • We're losing subscribers.
  • We can't grow our user base.
  • We want to launch a new project, but we but need strategic direction.

Sound familiar? Don't worry. We can fix it.

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Solutions for enterprises

Our initial data wasn’t well organized, but the Contegra team was able to assemble it into a web site that has become a great online sales tool.

Dave Savage, Manager,
INDECO North America
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